Cleaning up a sewer backup in your home

Published: 15th November 2010
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Sewage backup or sewage left by a natural disasters like flood is definitely not something that you look forward to. It is surprising that in urban areas, sewers are of such pathetic conditions especially due to the attitude of officials to maintain them, that they have become obsolete to the point of no return. Lack of regular maintenance can deteriorate the functioning of these systems and subsequently, the sewer stars to backup under the influence of rains, and stops working altogether. Clogged drains and filled filth causes sewer backup. Seeing human waste and other toxic elements in the open may not only make you cringe in disgust but also make you feel sick.

Toxic garbage can cause detrimental effects to the body. The water from the sewage has a lot of fungi, bacteria and other microscopic organisms that can be easily transmitted to our food by insects and flies and which thrive on them. It can cause a serious health problem to the people who live in the area if the sewage and sewer lines are not cleaned regularly.

One of the first things to be borne in the mind is that there should be regular cleaning and maintenance of the sewer lines. Trained technicians and staff should do the job of sewage cleanup; you should ask a professional company do the job in the safest, best manner possible. People in charge of sewage cleanup have the right chemicals to sanitize the area and get rid of the germs. They have the right equipment that can take care of the clogs in the drain. They use antimicrobial, antifungal solutions and Mildewcide(for checking mildew growth)., to get rid of every trace of parasitic growth in these areas.

Even if there is sewage inside your home which is difficult to clean up, make sure you contact a good sewer cleanup company. The professionals will have the right kind of solutions to make sure that the affected areas are sanitized in the best, efficient manner. They also have additional chemical solutions and dehumidifiers to prevent any germ proliferation. They will do a thorough checkup of every room or area to make sure that the place is fully sanitized, before they leave.

It is advisable to remove any material that has been affected by germs like, say carpets, wooden materials etc. Wood, carpets and such other absorbent material absorb moisture and can lead to mold growth. The sewage company also has tools to counter the smell and get rid of it totally. Make sure that they prevent mildew odor, musty smell and treat every kind of stain that may have gathered inside the walls or the floor.

There are many companies in charge of sewage damage cleanup and maintenance that have a 24 hour service to get rid of any emergency situation. Ensure that you have their number on your phonebook so that you can contact them quickly if a problem arises.

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